Durable Using Low Price Automatic Edge Finding Cutter Plotter Big Price Vinyl Plotter 1088*385*400mm

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$750.00(1 - 30 pieces) $715.00(31 - 60 pieces) $666.00(>=61 pieces)
Durable Using Low Price Automatic Edge Finding Cutter Plotter Big Price Vinyl Plotter 1088*385*400mm
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Model Number: MK830
Voltage: AC110V /220V±10%,50Hz
Paper Feed Width: 830mm
Cutter Pressure: 0-1000g(Digital adjustment)
Cutting Width: 730mm
Cutting Speed: 800mm/s
Cutting Length: Infinite
Size: 1088*385*400mm
Motherboard: 32-bit dual-control smart chip
control Panel: 4.3 Color screen full touch LCD display
Paper feeding method: High-precision imported one-piece steel barbed shaft
Origin positioning: Limit system, arbitrary origin setting
Maximum cutting thickness: 1mm
Mechanical accuracy: 0.05mm
Repeat accuracy: 0.05mm
Drawing instructions: DM-PL/HP-GL auto recognition
interface: Standard RS232 (serial)/USB2.0/U disk
Power consumption: <120W
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Model Number: MK830
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Product Description

product description:

The MK series is a high-speed cutting plotter. Its high-speed transmission data rate, smooth curve calculation function, and high accuracy of character output are the highlights of this machine. It adds contour cutting function to the traditional machine. , Stickers and other industries are more handy, as long as you import and print the picture, the software automatically generates the outline, the machine automatically finds the location of the picture, cuts the required picture, reduces the workload, and increases the cutting accuracy. It can be offline, just make documents without drawing and engraving on a computer. Free your hands and eyes, in one step, generate the required products with one click.

Machine characteristics

1. Precision digital adjustment, with sharp corner compensation and closure compensation, using a new micro-step subdivision algorithm, so that high-speed cutting also has high cutting quality. The small characters are not deformed, the speed is fast, the power is high, and the noise is low. 2. Better communication methods, such as serial port, USB2.0, U disk, WiFi optional and other transmission methods, are more user-friendly. 3. The high-definition camera detects the mark points on the output digital image, and the CCD automatically generates contour line cutting (Mark realizes contour cutting function) 4. Capstan double high torque motor, micro-step subdivision drive, motor power is not reduced, 32-bit CPU, CACHE memory. 5. The knife pressure adopts the digital knife pressure adjustment method, which makes the operation more flexible. 6. Adopt advanced ARM SOPC controller, high-performance intelligent subdivision drive and use good performance SMD tantalum capacitors. Advanced and scientific production technology ensures its high quality and high stability. 7. One-piece imported steel barbed shaft for paper feeding, cutting position, paper size more as you want. 8. The use of high-grade aluminum alloy profiles, matte spray paint, more fashionable. 9. Chinese and English operation, one-key cutting

Application range:

Advertising signs and signs, electronics, construction molds, clothing graphics, hot map cutting applications, contour cutting stickers, self-adhesive labels, PVC labels, small-batch hard brush die-cutting industries. Main processing materials (all kinds of printing stickers, photo paper, PVC stickers, sticky notes, etc.)

software support:

This machine supports most of the professional carving software on the market, such as FlexiSign, Wentai, Master Carving, AI, CORELDRAW, clothing software ET, etc.; it can accept documents output by AUTOCAD/CORELDRAW/AI and other software, and it is compatible with software in similar products The best sex machine.
Touch Full-automatic camera edge-finding and correction cutting machine
32-bit dual-control smart chip
control Panel
4.3 Color screen full touch LCD display
Capstan double high torque motor, micro-step subdivision drive
Paper feeding method
High-precision imported one-piece steel barbed shaft
Origin positioning
Limit system, arbitrary origin setting
4-point dot positioning scan, real-time capture by the camera, automatic correction, automatic contour cutting
Maximum paper width
Maximum cutting width
Maximum cutting speed
Maximum cutting length
Maximum cutting thickness
Knife pressure
0-1000g(Digital adjustment)
Mechanical accuracy
Repeat accuracy
Types of drawing pens
Various water-based, oil-based, ball-point pens, poster pens with a diameter of 11.4mm
Drawing instructions
DM-PL/HP-GL auto recognition
Standard RS232 (serial)/USB2.0/U disk
power supply
AC110V /220V±10%,50Hz
Power consumption
Operating environment
Temperature: +5-+35, relative temperature 30%-70%
Outsourcing size
Shipping weight
Company Profile
Packing & Delivery
Q1: Does the product provide samples?
-A1: Samples are not provided for large items, samples can be provided for small items, but the transportation costs are borne by you.

Q2: Can the Mika cutting plotter cut 3M reflective film for cars?
-A2: Can cut 3M reflective film, sticky notes, kraft paper, mobile phone protective film, indoor and outdoor photo paper, matte paper, clothing drawing paper and many other materials!

Q3: Receipt of the product: What should your company do if it is damaged?
-A3: This should not happen. First of all, our packaging is very strong, moisture-proof and damage-proof packaging. If there is damage, we will refund you according to the price of the damaged item!

Q4: Can you guarantee the quality of your products? How long is the warranty period?
-A4: Our products are of high quality, and are strictly inspected and tested before shipment! The warranty period is 3 years!

Q5: What are the advantages of your products? What are the advantages of your company?
-A5:Our products are widely used, the chip is powerful, the operation is simple, the work is automated, labor and time are saved, and the advanced calculation program is the best product on the market! Our company has a strong R&D team, laboratory, quality inspection room, and automated production line! We are a direct manufacturer!

Q6: How many hours do you ship after placing the order?
-A6: According to your quantity, small quantity will be issued within 48 hours, and large quantity will be issued within 1 week! Or ship according to your requirements!
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